Rubbing Alcohol For Frostfree Windows


Car windows covered in frost and ice can be easily cleaned using this simple tip

Would you believe rubbing alcohol is now a standard winter staple for my car. In the wintertime, I was constantly plagued by the inside of the windows in my van frosting over. Of course, I would grab the first thing I could reach and swipe the window until it was clean. This often was a hand-knitted scarf or some gloves. This works well, but is also problematic in that it leaves nasty streaks on the windows that become quite annoying, especially when I am driving at night.

I ran across a tip that I was skeptical to try, but thought it would be worthwhile to do so, after all, what would it hurt? Wash your windows as normally, ands when you are done, simply combine 1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water.  Spray this onto your windows and wipe clean. You can use a paper towel, micro-fiber cloth, or newspaper to wipe down the windows.  Newspaper works very well and it is environmentally friendly.  The regular newsprint works better than the colored circulars.  At a local McDonald’s I saw the early morning crew washing the windows using a solution containing rubbing alcohol and shining them with the newspaper.  

Another simple and great use of rubbing alcohol in cold weather is to spray full strength rubbing alcohol onto the car window to melt the ice on the window. You can just wipe the ice away!  This won’t take the sting out of winter weather, but it will make it more tolerable in the meantime.  Now, if I could get a robot chauffeur to drive in the slick and nasty roads for me!



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