Memory Foam Mattress and the Princess and the Pea


New Twist on the Fairy Tale the Princess and the Pea


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Sara called today with a cleaning question.  After removing the cover from her memory foam mattress to wash, she discovered the mattress had taken on an unpleasant odor. 

“How can I clean my memory foam mattress ?  I was reading in your book to find a recipe to remove a terrible odor from my mattress, and I thought of using the recipe for the urine smell and stain remover, but it isn’t urine, what do you think?” she asked.  She wanted to  save  their mattress because it was really expensive.

Since there was not the presence of urine she used a “dry cleaning and deodorizing method.”  Using a carpet freshener recipe of baking soda and cornstarch she was able to sprinkle the mattress without adding any moisture to the foam.  She let the baking soda and cornstarch sit on the foam about three hours, then vacuumed the mattress to remove the baking soda mixture.  She loved the results so much she turned the mattress over to repeat the baking soda and cornstarch process on the underside. 

An added bonus for Sara was that she did not have to leave home to go to the store to purchase anything to solve her challenge.  She went right to her supply of ingredients to get the baking soda and cornstarch, to  make her recipe.  Convenience at its best, no trip to the store, no waiting in line and best of all; she did not have to get out in the blowing snow with high gusty winds.  The last thing Sara wanted to do on her day off was get her little boys out in this very cold snowy winter storm weather. 

She was delighted, and so relieved she did not have to throw out the topper and have to go to the expense of replacing it.  Her cost for a deodorized, clean memory foam mattress, just a mere $2.00.  She was able to save the replacement cost of the memory foam mattress $1,500.00*.  Sara and John are very pleased.