ZOTE Soap is the Best! Finding it at Walmart was a Real Treat!


White Zote Soap is a great whitener for the laundry and a staple in homemade cleaning and laundry recipes


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I almost got kicked out of Walmart today, and all for my exuberance for ZOTE soap. (Ok, a slight exaggeration, but I did get some very strange looks!) For kicks I went down an aisle that I stay away from on most shopping trips since I learned how to make laundry soap and other homemade cleaners.  Really take a look at it the next time you are at the store getting your Fruit Loops. It’s a jungle! As I walked down the crowded aisle, my eye caught a familiar and coveted white wrapper – ZOTE soap! It is a bit tricky to find, and finding it in a Walmart was a real treat. (And at a Walmart price too – $ .97 per bar of ZOTE Soap!) I began to whoop and high five my daughters, and we quickly put ten bars ZOTE soap into the cart.

Pink Zote Soap is a great whitener for the laundry and a staple in homemade cleaning and laundry recipes

ZOTE is found in the laundry aisle of a select number of stores. We have had luck finding ZOTE in Latin American grocery stores as well.  Before Walmart carried this soap, we were regulars at the Latin American Grocery not far from where we live. We do not speak Spanish, and the owners did not speak English, but they looked at us with amusement as we would walk in, go directly to soap, get 3-4 bars (more if we were picking some up for friends who had asked us), pay and leave. After our first workshop, we sent several of the women who had come to the same store. Same thing, walk in, grab ZOTE, pay, and leave. We must have given the owners reason to scratch their heads once or twice. They might have thought we were expecting some sort of laundry apocalypse or the likes. They saw demand rise, and accordingly, they raised their price.

In any case, when they went out of business, we were not happy. Each is lightly scented (neither one bothers my allergies, and I am very sensitive), the pink has a slight floral fragrance, while the white is fresh and clean. We’ve heard people talking about an elusive blue bar of ZOTE. We’ve never found it. (If you find one, let us know where!)

I love this so much – it’s unwrapped (so that it dries out and grates easier and finer)  then set in the linen closet, ready  when we need it, this will last us quite a while. Plus, it gives a nice fragrance to the towels.

Soap apocalypse, ZOTE exuberance, yes!



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