One Picture in One Minute Can Help Protect Your SD Card if Lost



You can take one picture today that will help if your SD card is lost.

Taking one minute out of your day may pay big dividends later.

I love to go to antique malls and browse! There are often baskets of long-lost photos which were part of an estate, etc. and due to not being labeled, etc. are unidentified and the memories are lost.

Since pictures today are stored on SD cards, the loss of a camera could mean many lost images. I am sure that you are not like me and you remove all your pictures from your SD card, categorize them and make back-ups regularly, right?

Confession time – I don’t. I usually upload images to Facebook that I want to share and may back up my SD card once every other year or so. I would be so distraught is my SD card was lost. (Cameras are replaceable, but the pictures are not!)

I sent my daughter off to camp with one of my “older” digital cameras loaded with an “older” SD card. I tried to imagine how I could help get information back in case it was lost. I could imagine a story like those which I have seen on the news or on Facebook lately with pictures from my card being broadcast nationwide and I gratefully accept my SD card from a stranger.

About this point, I had a brainstorm – I wrote our contact information on a piece of blank paper with a Sharpie and took a photo of it. Viola! If someone finds the camera and card, they have a way to get it back to me! (I even wrote that I’d offer a reward to a finder to up the ante.)

“What a great plan,” I thought and proceeded to do the same for our phones, tablets, etc.

Please pin this post or share on Facebook with those you know to help them and take a few minutes to spread the word.


Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie and Frugality

Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie and Frugality

Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie and Frugality

I love movies.  In fact, it is very scary how much of my gray matter is used remembering lines from movies – the more obscure the better.  In one of my favorites, “You’ve Got Mail,” Tom Hanks’ character types a message to Meg Ryan saying that “The Godfather is the I Ching.”  For me, it is “Tootsie.”  I can take just about any situation and use a “Tootsie” line.

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook from the AFI with Dustin Hoffman being interviewed about his role in “Tootsie.”  Please take a moment to watch it, as it is very informative and insightful.

This really got me thinking.  (If you haven’t watched the video yet, please click it and watch it.)  After all, how many of us are “interesting women” (or men) but do not meet the predetermined standard of beauty set forth by others?  I could say that there are times that I’ve definitely had to define my own worth notwithstanding the parameters that others appear to have.

What does this have to do with Cheaper Greener Cleaner, you ask?  Actually, I see a similarity.  Frugality, self sufficiency and DIY are not really sexy.  (Forgive the term; it just fits.)  We don’t offer the bright labels; heck my laundry soap is in a re-purposed ice cream bucket!  What we do bring is knowledge, empowerment and the joy of saving money – giving you a new definition of what all of this really means.

Join with us in defining our own beautiful.


Cucumbers for headaches? Natural Headache relief – no kidding!


One of the reasons that I decided to remove a lot of the chemical-based products our of our home was that I suffered from headaches. Not the take some OTC pain reliever and go on with your happy day type of headaches - the "my head is stuck underneath a freight train" type.  Complicating matters is my allergy and intolerance of any type of OTC other than Tylenol.  Yeah - like that really helps.  May as well pop a few M&Ms and call them pain killers and pray for a Placebo effect, right? 

Cucumbers help with headaches naturally

Anyway, while I was pregnant, I stumbled on a home remedy that, in reality made me feel a little bit (ok, a lot) goofy trying it out.  Cucumbers.  Yep - those simple green veggies - Larry the Cucumber's cousins, etc.  Thing is, you don't eat them.  You peel them and stick the cool (cold) peels directly to your forehead. 

I felt a little strange the first time that I tried it - and sheepishly went to the kitchen to give it a try.  As soon as the long, thin peel was on my forehead, I was shocked at how soothing it really was.  Emboldened, I went whole hog and soon, my forehead, temples and cheekbones were covered with cucumber peels and I started to get some relief.  My kiddos determined that I was going for one of these three....

I'll give you three guesses of which one I really felt like.  As I went on with the day-to-day household management of the controlled chaos which is our life - I went from Hulk to the TMNT's.  Encouraged, I noted what time I took the M &Ms - sorry - Tylenol - and kept going.  By the end of the day, I was back to my Hi-Ho, Kermit the Frog mood.

This method really works and helps me on the worst days to get a little bit of relief while I wait for the other methods to work.  It also gives me some sort of humor break and sends a signal to the kidlings that mom is "Hulk" and that they should probably abstain from trying to use a pillowcase as a parachute and jump off of the deck.

I hope that it can help you too - after all, cucumbers on one's eyelids are the iconic skin tightener, right? 

What is the best (and craziest home remedy which you've used) or are afraid to try?  Please share below!

Try it and let me know if it helped you!

Now, if you will kindly excuse me - I am off to peel my cucumber as I have one of those headaches blooming....


Love to Save Money? Are You a Frugalista?


Do you like to save money? Money Saving household tips

Wear the badge of a Frugalista proudly!

Often, we look at saving money as something that we “need” or “have” to do and may dream about the day when we aren’t so aware of our family budget.  In reality though, is there something that is wrong with being a proper steward over our resources?  Shouldn’t we always be able to use the skills that we learn in being thrifty, no matter the balance in our bank account.

Thrift is simply finding a way to do more with less and does not have to be a shameful term.  With the current economic situation of may in our country, there has been a shift in the public view of thriftiness and frugality.  Back to basic lifestyles are becoming more chic.

We’ve coined the phrase “Frugalista” to describe someone who can enjoy a lifestyle of thrift, but at the same time have a life that is as rich (or sometimes more so) than what one might expect of a person watching their budget.  Frugalistas are joyful in their thrift and excited to save money.

So, here we go . . . .

You might be a Frugalista if . . . you know the best price for milk, bread and gas in your neighborhood.

You might be a Frugalista if . . . you have ever told someone the price of something (even if they may not have asked).

You might be a Frugalista if . . . you enjoy getting a bargain.

Please share in the comments below your best Frugalista moments.  We’d love to hear them.


Summer Popsicle Drips Got You Down? Stop Them With This Quick Trick!


Catch popsicle drips with this quick and simple (not to mention cheap) trick! No more sticky hands from popsicles!

Catch Popsicle drips with this quick and simple (not to mention cheap) trick!

Confessions of a family who loves their Popsicles –

My kiddos are Popsicle Devotees!  We have these yummy treats in the freezer year-round.  They are not biters, so the juice would often melt and run down their arms, making a mess.  That is, until I found this simple trick.

We have moldss for homemade Popsicles (great filled with yogurt for a frozen and healthy treat) which had great drip trays.  I examined them and suddenly realized that I could make my own “drip catchers” with paper bathroom cups trimmed to size and a small slit cut into them for the stick.  This permanently ended the mess from Popsicles!

When we buy the “Otter Pops” variety, I slip the Popsicle into a baby sock and then I don’t hear about frozen fingers either.  (By the way, sometimes I can be found sucking a Popsicle since eating something cold often helps with my headaches – think brain freeze in reverse.  My personal favorite is watermelon flavored – and you can’t beat being over 40 and having a green tongue!)